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No Summer at Cal Poly

Hi gang,


I'm sorry to report that there will be no summer season this year for CCSoccer.  CCSoccer's goal has always been to create an opportunity for the Central Coast soccer community with an affordable fun league. This year Cal Poly has doubled the cost and, even at this price, cannot guarantee that we will have access to the turf fields each week.

Have a good summer, we'll be back at Damon Garcia the first week of September. 

P.S. Don't forget the 2023 SLO Friendly--mark your calendar for 9/2/2023!  We will be doing teams, not individuals, again with captain registration starting in July.  If you're part of a team that's played before reach out to your captain, otherwise contact us if you would like to make a new team.  More news to follow. 

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