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Central Coast Soccer Privacy and Security Policies

At Central Coast Soccer, we recognize and respect our customers' privacy. We diligently protect the trust you have placed in us. We have developed a Privacy Policy to assure you that the information collected about you is only what is needed for conducting business and offering products and services that might be of interest to you.

Our Policy:

To add you to our database, we need your name, home or other physical address, including street name and name of city or town, email address, telephone number, date of birth and other pertinent information. We understand the sensitivity of this information and maintain our files on a secured server to protect against unauthorized access.

In addition to obtaining personal information, we may collect tracking information for statistical purposes that is disclosed to third parties, This aggregate information is for statistical purposes only. It is for understanding consumer trends and does not contain any personal information about you.

Changes to your Personal Data:

In the event you wish to change any of your personal information or team membership status, please contact us by written notification to our email address at

Email Opt-Out:

We comply with the Federal laws in sending offer driven emails. Those who wish to Opt-Out from receiving email offers will have action taken within 1-10 days of receipt of request to Opt-Out or unsubscribe at If you have multiple addresses you will need to Opt-Out for each address in order to be removed from our data base.

Returning or Exchanging an Item or Refunding a Fee:

Central Coast Soccer has a strict 30-day refund policy from date of purchase. If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your purchase, please email our Customer Service office at to remedy the situation if possible.


If you need to inquire about your order, please e-mail