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The goal of the Central Coast Mens 35+ Soccer League is to provide the opportunity for men over 35 years old to play 11 v 11 soccer in a recreational atmosphere. It must be understood by all players and spectators that this a recreational league and should be treated as such. If you have a "win at all costs" attitude you should seriously consider one of the more competitive leagues in the area.

The CCSoccer League is designed as a recreational league. To help facilitate this purpose, individuals will sign up to play. The league will organize teams based on certain factors in an attempt to create evenly matched teams. Upon signing up for the league, participants must purchase a reversible jersey that can be used for multiple seasons.

The CCSoccer Mens 35+ League has adopted a recreational format and as such, has special rules as follows:

  1. Referee calls are final; dissent will not be tolerated.
  2. All yellow-carded players must sit out a minimum of 10 minute. They may NOT be replaced. Your team will play a man down until the 10 minutes are up.
  3. All red-carded players must leave the premises immediately and will automatically miss the next game. Upon receiving a second red-card the offending player will permanently be banned from all CCSoccer leagues. No protests or exceptions to this rule.
  4. The CCSoccer Mens 35+ League has the option to prohibit any individual from playing in the league — regardless of previous disciplinary actions.
  5. Only registered players are allowed to play. Registered players are those whose names appear on the schedule and roster.
  6. If a team is short-handed players, in the spirit of recreational soccer, players from the opposing team may play for the short-handed team. If there are no volunteers or both teams are short-handed, then the short-handed team may use Ringers. A Ringer is any current CCSoccer Mens 35+ League registered player. Team members from the two scheduled teams always have precedence over Ringers when substituting.
  7. Shin-guards are mandatory equipment for all players. Non-standard equipment that is considered dangerous to other players will not be allowed (i.e. helmets, casts, etc.)
  8. No slide tackling allowed.
  9. Always give the goalie the benefit of the doubt on 50/50 balls!
  10. The team wearing red will start the game with possession of the ball.
  11. The Kalin-Chase-em rule: Any ball you kick out of bounds, you are responsible for chasing immediately following the play.

The CCSoccer Mens 35+ League has adopted a 11 vs 11 format and the normal rules of soccer apply except:

  1. Substitution is unlimited and is encouraged during the flow of play.
  2. Game halves are to be 40 minutes.  Half times are to be 10 minutes.